We started in 2015 with the Quality of Life for Belmont Cragin on the Education and youth committee, the community was very concern about the over crowding of the schools in Belmont Cragin so we work on the issues of schools with out playground and the need of a new school and many other problems in the schools. As a group we got a field for Mary Lyon , a field for Steinmetz Collage Prep and a new school for Belmont Craigan. At this time we decide to register as a non for profit organization call Education Community Committee (ECC).
  After two hard years with the corvid 19 pandemic our communities have suffer emotional trauma. We as a organization have to give our communities as much resources that we can offer, to try to keep living the quality of life that we need. To continue our work  we also need your support because together we can pick up from where we were and make a better place to live in . We are hoping that we can be of a great resource to our youth , parents and community members of the City of Chicago.